Welcome to our pages, where you can discover about a holistic and integral theory of our reality, and how it is used to resolve life's traumas, issues, problems, and develop the inner peace and flow beneath all excellence.

All of our problems, desires, goals, issues and situations are interconnected. Trying to solve them one at a time is the least efficient solution to our life’s or business’ problems – but good business for coaches, therapists and consultants. The optimal solutions for yourself and your wider world come from addressing everything as a whole, together. This is the unique nature of The Holigral Method, an application of a complete theory of everything human.

The thing is though, that to address everything together, takes at least a week dedicated to the process. That is why the holigral method is applied in week-long retreats, followed-up by supporting coaching to keep you on-track for the following 9 months. Sometimes people do need more than one retreat and more in-depth support, for a longer time. We understand that everyone is unique in their needs.

Once you have cleared all this ‘stuff’ out of your life, everything is easier, emotional awareness is higher, even the body becomes more supple and self-cleanses, releasing long-held toxins, and you can begin to re-read the signals in the world around with new eyes.