Holigral for the General Public

Let's start with when it will not work, which is when someone does not really want to face their inner pain or demons, when someone has "sold their soul", when a person is a sociopath with no desire to self-exorcise, when an addict has gone too far, and when a person has become so good at lying to themselves that they have no sense of truth - actually this last point can be addressed but it takes years of dedication.

Apart from that, the Holigral Method can help you sort out literally any psychological, spiritual or emotional ailments, and even some physical complaints, depending on the cause.  We can address addictions, compulsions, obsessions, obesity, offender rehabilitation, sexual dysfunction, dyslexia, asperger/austism, depression, psychopathies and even exorcism and domination issues.  The method works for anything, given enough time and application.  For psychopathic and abnormal issues though, very much longer will be likely needed rather than the one-week "sort-your-life" out retreat that works for the typical person - and a couple of rare people people have needed years of support.  It's a complete, holistic process not a quick fix.

Private retreats for up to 4 persons are available by arrangement.  As these can be held anywhere in the world, the travel and venue costs are unique to each group, in addition to the facilitation fee.  More delegates will incur the investment for a second facilitator.

Retreats are held in stunning locations across the world. We apply the Holigral Method to your specific circumstances. As no one is the same, we do not teach you as a group. From start to finish you are on your own exploration enjoying personal customized facilitation. It is an exclusive, deep and profound way to experience our method.

Our facilitators are the most highly experienced Holigral Facilitators. Confidentiality is important to us, and if you wish to attend our retreats anonymously we will honour that.

If you have any questions or are interested in our services, 
please contact us.