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Pam and Josie hope to be in Mexico in early 2022 to continue the growth of our work there.

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For Individuals

Holigral Retreats

The Holigral retreat is an exclusive, deep and profound way to experience our method. We apply the Holigral Method to your specific circumstances. As no one is the same, we do not teach you as a group. From start to finish you are on your own exploration enjoying personal customized facilitation.

The Holigral Self Study Program

The program contains 7 processes that you use on a weekly basis or at a pace that suits your circumstances. You receive the process in a user friendly package containing the process, complete with explanations, examples, trouble shoot guide and advice on how to use the process.

For Businesses and Organizations

Innovation Workshops

The founder of Holigral, Steven, is a lifelong innovator across many fields of engineering, IT, Management and Human Development. He shares his insight and approaches, giving you the tools to invent new business niches, develop or enhance products and services. Breaking 'rules' and re-shaping marketplaces is his speciality! 1-day or 2-day formats.

Tailored Solutions for Businesses and Organisations

The Holigral method works at a human change level. To get the most out of your organization needs to optimize the people driving it. This is the most important part of our training but it will be our tools that provide your business or organization the skills that will make it stand out. We will share our secrets of our method in the form of tools for meetings, negotiations, sales, management and employee well being.

Holigral offers a high quality professional service to enhance, enrich and maximise your organization for maximised performance.

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