The Holigral Method

Welcome to a universal approach to everything life throws at you, working in any language and any culture.

Holigral is a Holistic and Integral Method for attaining Holy Grails, and also inner peace.

How does it work?

Imagine a DIY improvement with having expert advice right there with you. The expert facilitates the methodology applied to your unique, present life situation.

The methodology is a series of self inquiry, non-manipulative, non-hypnotic clean questions based on patterns found in basic physics. Applied to the human ways of sensory perception it offers an eyes-open self exploration which one can drive as deeply as desired.

It uncovers a clarity and trust in one’s own intuition and enhances skills and abilities in a sustainable, simple and scientific way. By the very nature of the self application of the methodology, it allows a person to work privately and solely, ensuring a safe and confidential environment with expert support available at all times.

The methodology allows a person to root out the source of the undesired aspect of self, therefore eliminating the symptoms of the experience that goes with it and making any change it achieves sustainable. The clarity and peace of mind gained through this self-learned methodology enables the graduate to responsively follow the seasons and reasons of ‘what is’, changing just as is necessary, adapting always, so that there is no such thing as “being stuck”.

The Holigral Methodology solves problems, issues and removes blocks and limitations by finding and maintaining the natural self. A person without stress, self-doubt and or negativity enjoys all they do, maximises personal performance and contributes to enriching others.


The road to the present is one of ever-accelerating pace and ever-decreasing time. How does a manager, leader, coach, sports or business person, and indeed all of us everyday folk deal with this ever-increasing pressure? Some answers come from the ancient traditions of martial arts, and other answers come from modern physics. The oriental movies show people moving with incredible speed, with anticipation. They move without thought – if they think, they lose. Very simply, the modern person has, like sportsmen, to move into flow and out of mind; away from thinking and into the knowing of exactly the right thing to do moment by moment. To do this one first has to deconstruct the limiting filters of beliefs we perhaps do not even realise that we have taken on. Modern Physics provide the tools for re-measuring perception through the concepts and processes of measurement and perceptual frames, enabling people to navigate their mind-scapes and thus escape the bounds of their unconscious constraints.

Now, no-one expects to become like a world-class performer overnight – or for this to be instantly achievable. Nonetheless, there are ways to accelerate and grow the percentage of time spent in the mind-free state that underpins peak performance in any area of life. The modern high achievers are served best by developing themselves and those close to them; everything falls into place when clarity, peace and flow are present; highly dynamic environments buzz serenely as incredible levels of results are achieved. To be congruent with helping people to become authentic leaders in their life areas, the holigral methodology is highly self-driven, where the self-developer is always in control.


Holigral comes from combining the words “holistic’ and “integral” – literally meaning to consider all aspects and perspectives in enabling the whole to emerge, to integrate, to come together. This is the meaning of Holigral and the essential core within all of its methodologies since its creation in 2004, following many years of research into personal development processes that lead to profound, permanent change.

Experiencing The Holigral Method

You are in control, you are the leader – the more you put in the more you get out. There is no need for meditations or guru-teachings or special diets or excessive hours or exercises designed to wear down a person.

Each individual organises what they address by listening to themselves. They choose when they take their breaks, their time out, the topics they address and the help they receive from the facilitator. They ask when they want to be asked questions – “clean questions”, that help them to discover their own truths and the sources of their perceptions.

Facilitators do not encourage activities designed ‚“to bring back balance”, however, because the out-of-balance is precisely what gives the signal and the change momentum for the aware delegate – the body and the mind will automatically rebalance itself if the delegate follows their own signals – and they will leave a retreat in a new, dynamic balance with a lot less on their mind.


  • greater peace of mind (potentially complete) – less stress and fear, more confidence
  • flow and insight – accelerating decisions and new developments
  • accepting oneself and others – most of the time (you will still be human) – leading to easier relationships in all walks of life and greater presence (charisma)
  • greater white-collar work efficiency (more done in less time with less effort)
  • better work-home balance, leading to greater effectiveness at work
  • wisdom instead of rules, context-related decisions not fixed strategies

And all this happens because of the increased clarity of mind, reduced emotional responses to stressors and enhanced intuition … naturally.