Holigral for Organisations

Throughout history there have been discoveries which have changed the course of events, whether it is electrical power, the internal combustion engine, steam-power, or the bow-and-arrow. In the present day and age, the least-explored and least-understood aspect of human performance is the mind. But, finally, there is a scientific theory and model that explains the mind, how emotions work, and how therefore we work. It is a theory that enables on-demand peak performance, intuitive insight and prescience.

This theory is called “The Holigral Method”, and it even has a machine, called “the Ark Angle”, that unwinds fears or phobias, resolves birthing traumas, and facilitates business decisions with clarity and holistic understanding. The basis of the theory, and the machine, is the mathematics of complex numbers and the exploitation of the electromagnetic field that provides the interfaces between the mind and the body.

The method itself has over fifty different kinds of processes that are designed to bring people into a permanent stress-free state of flow and peak performance, with an abiding sense of inner peace. The method can then be used to gain insight into marketplaces, people, groups and cultures in order to both predict and shape the future. It reveals the games and stories being played out in the world, how to understand a business’s limitations and strategy from just its logo, and where the vacant market niches are waiting for exploitation.

The shape of the river-bed defines the flow possible - unless the flow becomes so strong that it can indeed change the bed to follow a new path. The performance of a human being is limited by the unconscious structures of the mind; something that has been hidden from scientific understanding until recently.

We now know the precise, underlying patterns for all human beings, and how to release the flows into new directions. If you don’t even know the boundary of the box then how can you think outside of it? If you don’t even know what you are missing, then how do you even know to ask for what might seem impossible?

The entire group unconscious mind-field is available to those who can access it, the ability to sense and read people emotionally and clearly, the ability to read the signals and thus predict the future, the ability to create new markets, new niches, to redefine playing fields, to innovate and invent what people want but cannot express. These are just a few, little aspects of what is possible, as well as peace of mind, at least 80% time-saving and zero stress - yes, zero.

“The Land and The King Are One” is an old expression, but a true one, when the real science of projection is understood. Basically, everything happening within an organisation is entirely down to the unconscious fault of the real leader. If politics are tolerated, then the board will play them, if there is too much control then there will be little flow - compared to what is possible. The whole point of “control” is to reduce flow, from a physics perspective. Over-measuring something destroys it. We exploit this by helping delegates to re-measure, and so undo, their unconscious structures, thus freeing their flow to run over the entire domain.

When the king sees all, there is no place for resistances to hide. The team becomes like a superconductor, and true empowerment emerges for all. Why? Because there is no longer any fear unconsciously inside the leader; he can just be himself, meaning that so can everyone else. This allows risks, reduces controls and frees the people to get on with their own activities; less reporting, less measuring and more doing.

The Holigral Method is best applied over 6-day executive retreats, where like-minded people all work on their own structures in order to move into flow and to access the full wisdom of the group mind field at will. Not everyone achieves completion on a week’s retreat; it depends on the structures and the level of dissociation of a person when they begin. Typically, the more academic and serious a person, the tougher the journey and the more time it will likely take.

The key point though, is that the game has changed, permanently. There are those people who have the insight and who can read the matrix and people like a book, and there are those people who are blind to the signals and codes. A true steward of a business would want to be eyes-open and aware of the benefits of the most powerful technological discovery of the 21st Century.

The full theory is explained in my book, “The Emperor’s New Psychology”.

Benefits for business and organizations:

  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Empowered Workforce
  • Clear Communication Skills
  • Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Creating a positive working environment that will send out the right message to your customers.

Holigral offers a high quality professional service to enhance, enrich and maximise your organization for maximised performance.

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