I really agree with Stephen MR Covey when he wrote "With high trust, success comes fast, better and at lower cost". Your workshop was the most effective I've ever come across at developing trustworthiness and lasting authenticity. I've waited a while before writing this because I wanted to check whether the drag of old habits would pull me back into old ways. They haven't. The methodology is exceptional and the facilitators who took us through it are some of the most emotionally intelligent and gifted people I have come across.

Elspeth Chasser, British Telecom, Head of People Transformation for the 21C Customer Experience Programme, London UK

I realized something very important in the last couple of days. It closely relates to the questions you sprang on me during my last day in Glastonbury: "what's the distance between you and your knowing?" (that was a truly great question!)

Gintas Vilkelis, Physicist, Switzerland

I once more extend to you my thanks for the wonderful interaction and catalytic experience that I brought back from Menorca and for your patience and understanding.

Sam Harrison, Tax consultant, Isle of Man

Dominic walked through his hospital. Barely anyone noticed him. Four days later, he walked through again, and most people turned round, waved and smiled at him. “It was weird, just weird”, says Dominic. He’s just attended a three day workshop with a bunch of people who ask questions – telling, hard, yet simple questions. And he is happy, happy with himself, at peace with his family, even more in love with his wife, he understands his kids and he loves his mother. He is ready for anything, exhilarated with the possibilities in life. His enthusiasm is infecting everyone around him; performance is already up.
Is Dominic unusual, or can anyone achieve this? This is the claim of Steve Saunders, the creator of a course entitled “Authentic Leadership”. We ask why, how, and can life really be this simple?
 “You walk into the room, and immediately the atmosphere feels calm and you feel safe. We all signed confidentiality agreements, and everything stays in the room – all that stuff you’d never want others to know, but which needs to come out. The trainers sign the agreements, too. 
Then we find we’ve started even before we thought we had – it’s just so natural, and suddenly we find out where we’re communicating from and how limited our connection is. We did some exercises and found we could communicate from our whole body, not just our head or heart or throat. This went in deeply and really influences others. And we could lead without trying to. We worked on our personal relationships first, and this seemed to just transfer across to working relationships. Personally, I felt better and better – and remarkably, this has continued since the course. Other trainings I’ve done have fallen off a few days or weeks later. This time it’s different. Why? Because I really am more whole, I am stronger in my essence, and other people just seem to know it – I lead just by being.
What would I say about Steve? He knows his stuff, it all seems so simple and easy, he accepts you exactly as you are – all of us, without exception – and he joins in, so its like we’re all in it together. And that’s so refreshing after trainers and managers who keep their distance – its so real – it is authentic. And he’s not perfect, and that’s ok, because he just works on his own stuff too – and that’s encouraging for me.

Martyn Thornton, Executive Mentor

It is said that genius is the art of making the blindingly obvious look simple. This work is pure genius. Thank you.

Richard Powell, Entrepreneur, Isle of Man

For me, the Holigral retreat itself was a committed journey to resolve the underlying issues I felt were somehow holding me back from being all I could be, from being awake in the dream. It served me fully in this respect. I uncovered, understood and off-loaded these, revealing aspects of me that had been lost in my past traumas. I felt deeply still after, silent and very peaceful. I couldn’t actually talk about the retreat much for weeks, or its effects, as if no words could describe either my journey or the result. This is still largely the case except what I say here.

I returned home to a challenging confrontation so I skyped Steve and he guided me through this. It is comforting to know they will be there for 9 months for coaching should I need a reminder.

I still feel I am unsure of who this more embodied being is, being more reclusive than usual as I integrate myself, as if in time I will fully emerge into being all I can be. I am enjoying this unfolding. I am experiencing deep stillness mixed with an unknowing that is both excited anticipation and deep patience/ acceptance.

Many years ago I realised that I wanted the know, and be, the Peace of God, above all else. I had made significant progress in this regard since that invocation, but the Holigral retreat has brought this fully into the here and now for me. It is a peace that is solid and eternal and one that I know will be with me forever, since it IS me. I recommend the authentic leadership program and the Holigral way to anyone who is committed to waking up and living from the awareness of who they truly are, and to all who wish for abiding inner peace and love.

Isy Gabriel, Tilba, NSW, Australia

I've been really excited. I knew that this had to be out there somewhere. I kinda feel like Neo when he's just met Morpheous – haha. I’m about half way through the masters techniques manual. The material has already transformed me from one simple read over. I couldnt find one word to disagree with. Forgive me ego, but I am on the ball with this stuff. Im so happy to know there are others who've seen the fields. These are prescisely the kinds of trainings I would like to do (regardless of solo progress) and I think you have done exceptionally well to present the material in such a digestable form. Is this your own personal evolution of your learnings, or is this part of a larger current of activity? Either way, its bloody brilliant. Its conrcetising heaps of intangibles for me. Last night, I could barely believ how immediately my interactions with others had changed. I've already got a lot of processes happening unconsciously, but if I were to go over the basics in a conscious fashion, I reckon your positve karma bank will go through the roof… or cosmos ;) You've opened a new world for me again. Thanks.

Joshua Skillin, Australia

Thank you will all my heart for this ongoing life experience. Authentic Leadership Aug’06 was a seamless experience of feeling trauma and giving me a sense of hope from my broken sense of hopelessness at that time. The subsequent months have allowed for the fragmented mind-body-soul (spiritual) and physical bodies to re-align which brought me to this course in a new state of “whatever”… with a mindlessness. To have had the opportunity (again) to be part of this sacred work and its healing effects on the whole system and to try and learn, honour and practice the role of a facilitator has been an awesome challenge. From the first phone call its bee a magical 10 days when the feelings of both inside and out are now communicating happily.

Judi Hawkins, Teacher

Thank you so much for an inspirational few days and for your kindness and sensitivity towards myself and [name]. I found the techniques you taught for understanding anger and forgiving invaluable.

Caroline, mother

What can I say! A truly amazing weekend. Check out the title of the course, Accelerated Enlightenment, wow what a few days that was. Steve is a brilliant teacher and can take you to whatever level you want. If this is your first time experience of enlightenment, prepare to be amazed. During this 2 day course I went from just being slightly aware to an incredible level of awareness. The power of this collective group was awesome and this speeded up my enlightenment even more. Take it from me, this course will change you forever, if that’s what you want! Anyone who goes on this course and experiences what I did will come away with incredible insight, awareness, inner peace, wisdom and dare I say intuitive powers that most people only dream of. You may even attain pure bliss too when you are least expecting it. Not bad for a couple of days out of your life!!

Alan Wyslocky, Consultant, Weymouth