Thank you for taking your time and energy to bringing your work and being to give us a two-day programme in Chamonix. The way you held the space helped us go deeper or go beyond "what's around it?" over and over again. It was calm and always be present at a certain frequency if I may say. Personally, my experience with your work was a big one and a complete one. I had an intention from this trip to France to renew my vision. The drawing work really gave me a complete version of myself, nothing more nothing less. My vision will be with that complete myself. This experience was very timely and awesome one for me. Thank you again for your effort on us and your work. Warmly,

Satomi Aoki, Tokyo

One of the things I asked for in Menorca was more work with my languages (and a better income!), and in the past few weeks I've had a huge amount of technical translations for german biogas companies that needed to be translated into English, which has fitted the bill perfectly!

Helena Ellis, Plymouth UK

I'm not sure there is any way to adequately describe the end result of a 7 day Holigral retreat but I will try. Every participant comes with their own set of life experiences, goals, and issues. However, one thing is certain, you will never be the same. The results, insights, and benefits are permanent. Holigral - holistic & integral - of these two the holistic part is what is hard to articulate. The results of the work are profound but often so subtle in the integration that it can take a while to notice what you're doing differently because you didn't have to exert any effort in the change, you just suddenly realize you're having a different experience of life, you are acting differently, others act differently towards you. Some people fall away without you having done or said anything, some relationship dynamics change for the better without any conscious effort, there is a peace "which passeth understanding" that simply eliminates a huge amount of drama from your life. There are physical effects as well, less aches and pains as the former emotional toll ceases to exist. There is more laughter. I also experienced "the arkangle" or the" time machine" as I like to call it. It will take you on a trip to emotional freedom that cannot be experienced otherwise nor can I explain how it does what it does ~ let's just say I highly recommend you try it.

My retreat was in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The location was beautiful and restful, the people involved, both facilitators and participants, far sighted, supportive, and eager for change. It is the perfect environment for an overhaul of one's life. The end results for me are many ~ insight into "why I do what I do" and that knowledge ending numerous repetitive and negative life cycle loops permanently and effortlessly, removal of addiction to caffeine with no symptoms of withdrawal, the end of a 2 year stretch of chronic neck pain, the sudden end of a long term issue at work of immense annoyance and energy drain, improved communication (once the measurements are gone you aren't drawn into other people's story unless you want to be), and a focused life path from a "clean" perspective. My deepest appreciation to Steven Saunders and Jorge Carillo for their dedication to their work and ongoing support of retreat graduates. The retreat is not the end of a journey, it is the beginning.

Mary Oliver, Victim Services Coordinator / Law Enforcement

I attended a weekend retreat and later on a 6-day retreat facilitated by Steve Saunders and Jorge Carrillo. I am impressed by my findings during the retreat and the results of powerful process.

I now can see myself in a more honest and realistic manner.
I can see clearly where I am and where I come from and self-acceptance is the obvious result.
I now know how I created multiple sclerosis and fibroids in my body.
I feel more sensitive towards myself, the people around me and my environment.
I feel alive and I feel zest for life again.
I have a feeling of inner peace and mental chatter has decreased drastically.
I know what I have to do and do it without too much ado or rationalization.
I feel I understand people and their behavior even if I don’t agree with them.
I feel more empathy.
Coffee and sugar cravings have diminished significantly.
Shopping sprees have come to a grinding halt.
I feel like working.
I can observe my own thoughts and its origin more clearly.
I focus on solutions instead of on the problem itself.
I flow with the now instead of thinking of the past.

This retreat has been one of the best time and money investments because I am still seeing new results on a daily basis and in different situations. More than a method to change myself, this has been a process to reintegrate my dissociated zones, to heal past injuries, to reframe definitory moments and to recognize myself within my personal context and even above my own circumstance.

Thank you, Steven & Jorge for this set of invaluable tools.

Yolanda Bello, translator & interpreter